Power Of Content In SEO

Content should be strong enough to get the genuine traffic. Though it plays a vital role in ranking on search engines in SEO. Particularly each web page of a website should be full of informative and original content as it is not fetched from another source. The content must be original. When user get something new and fruitful from your website, they automatically get attracts towards the website and the same user visits website again and again. As I have been explained in my last blog post that how important choosing the right keywords are? Similarly, writing right content for a website is important too. Using different keywords for each web page is really helpful while ranking. Here, one also have to prepare unique title, description, etc. for each web page to rank well.

If the content of a website is quite similar to the other one or it may not powerful enough to grab the attention, then the website might get penalized by the search engines for content cloning. On the other hand if the content is pure and fresh the website gets automatically ranked by the search engines as reward. So it is up to you what to choose.

Structure and placement of content is also observed by the search engines in SEO. Good and simple structured content will always appreciate. Do not mess up by placing multiple information at one place. Try to get creative with the placement of content so that the user do not get confused with the provided information. Small blocks or large blocks doesn’t affect the look much but all the blocks on a single page should be relative. It should match up with the query of a user who is looking for a specific information. So what are the measures could be taken to achieve this;

  1. Always update your website content on a regular basis (if needed)
  2. Use simple and easy going language to give interactive look
  3. Remove unimportant content regularly
  4. Be creative with the content placement (add videos or images in between the long text)
  5. Fresh and open minded thoughts are always accepted by the readers
  6. Outdated content degrade the website performance

Websites like blog, news, fashion, media, etc. then one should be more alert and stay updated regarding content. Blogging sites wants regular posting, conversation with readers and so on. Media website wants regular addition of new songs or videos. News website wants most recent news. Fashion website wants updates on clothing, cosmetics, footwear, etc. Everyone is looking for what’s trending outside. Interactive content grab more traffic to the website. As users find it friendlier, interaction with users is must by asking them for their comment, feedback, suggestions and much more. Search engines also notices this while ranking in SEO. Hence, various chat sessions, interactive software, feedback forms, user experience can be added to the website to make it catchier.

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